Classical Guitar


The young girl in the painting is Georgina Gregory who lived in Ainslie Place, part of the New Town in Edinburgh, around the 1840s. She studied guitar with Felix Horetski, a famous classical guitar performer-composer who once was duet partner in
Vienna to the legendary Mauro Giuliani. Horetski toured Europe as a leading performer, eventually settling in Scotland Street, Edinburgh for twenty years. Luckily we have a manuscript kept by Georgina Gregory of her lessons with Horetski –
a mixture of pieces by various 19th-century guitar composers, including Giuliani and Horetski, as well as arrangements of Scots tunes popular at the time.

So, classical guitar lessons in Edinburgh go back a long way…

I studied classical guitar at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, and have recorded a CD of many of the pieces from the Georgina Gregory manuscript on an original guitar from the period. I am happy to teach complete beginners as well as advanced students.

Email me to discuss taking lessons ( or phone 0131 343 2195 


I recorded a download album of the music of the early 19th-century guitarist-composer, Fernando Sor, using a copy of a guitar from his period, with gut strings, getting as close as I could to his technique: – also available on iTunes and Amazon MP3

Some of my videos:

Email me to discuss taking lessons ( or phone 0131 343 2195 

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