There are only twelve musical notes. Music theory is about how we organise those notes to make different sounds. It’s amazing to think that almost all the music you have heard in your life, all the different styles, from all the different centuries, stems from only twelve notes.

I love the study of music theory, and love teaching it. I am an advocate of practical theory – how to explore theory on your instrument. I can guarantee that a short exploration of music theory will improve your playing.

Some of the topics we could explore – the choice depending on which style of performance you are studying:

Keys – what is a Key?
Modes – what is Modal Theory
Chords – triads and extensions
CMaj7#4 – what on Earth is that?!
Figured Bass and Continuo playing
Chord Substitutions
etc, etc

Email me to discuss taking lessons ( phone 0131 343 2195

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